Amazon Explosion Outdoor Burning Meat Mat Premium Teflon Fiberglass Grid Grilling Mat

China Teflon barbecue mat manufacturers introduce you to the advantages of Teflon fiberglass grid barbecue mat

Preserve the original taste of food - mesh design allows the smoke to pass through and flavor your food, better preserves the authenticity of the food during cooking.

 Non-tacky and reusable - non-sticky, both sides can prevent food sticking, can be reused more times. Economic and environmental protection.
 Heat-resistant barbecue cooking mats made of technologically advanced, heat-resistant materials that can be used at temperatures up to 260°C (500°F) for extended periods of time.(Only can be burned by charcoal.)
 Safe - Our smoker's grill mat is made of 100% PFOA-free material and high-quality PTFE-glass fiber coating and does not contain PFOA, silicone or other hazardous chemicals! Foods approved by FDA, LFGB and SGS are non-toxic, tasteless and safe.
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