China produces Teflon grid barbecue mat

Teflon BBQ grill mat:

alternate name Teflon oven liner, tetrafluorohydrazine oven liner, PTFE oven liner, microwave washer, baking pan gasket, insulation paper, and etc. It is made of high quality imported glass fiber yarn woven materials, plain weave or special woven senior glass cloth substrate And then use a unique process technology, fully immersed, impregnated, coated with imported suspended PTFE (commonly known as plastic king) latex as raw material. production of various specifications of Teflon grill mat, it’s a high performance, multipurpose composite new products.

China high temperature material supplier Teflon grid barbecue mat

The main features of Teflon grill mat:
1, Anti adhesive, especially good, smooth surface, not easy to stick to any material. Easy to clean the surface of the attachment, grease stain or other attachments, can be used repeatedly.
2, to prevent the oil spill in the baking process flow to the bottom of the oven stack. Size can be cut according to the oven;
3,Hhigh temperature resistance, conventional heat resistance -70-280, the highest up to 400
4, Can be used safely in the dishwasher, non-toxic, safe access to food, and have anti-corrosion function.
The main application of Teflon grill mat:
One, used for food heating:
1、use the scissors to cut the grill into the desired size and shape.
2、placed in the pot, plate, or other containers.
3、put the food on the grill.
4、food cooked, such as cooling out the grill, washing it with water.
5、baking sheet can be used repeatedly.
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