Silicone silicone mat can not fix fast solution

The silicone mat is not a fast solution. The silicone mat is a kind of mat used in home and bun. The mat is also very good in material. It is a good food grade silicone material. After the production is completed, the silicone mat is also used for 5 hours or even longer.

Silicone silicone mat can not be fixed
The silicone silicone mat itself has a strong adsorption force, which is guaranteed to be adsorbed on the tabletop on any material, so that we can slip when using the product, but some silicone mats will appear on the surface. The phenomenon of slippage during use, such as the slippery silicone mattress, may be caused by the problem of quality and processing, which may cause the slippery to be fixed. Generally, the quality of the silicone mat is less likely to occur. The problem is that there is no sticky imagination in the process of using the kneading dough.

Silicone silicone mats If we find that it can't be fixed during use, we can put the product on the glass tabletop, because the glass tabletop is very smooth and the material of the silicone mat is also attractive to increase our use, or We need to clean it before use. This method is also used to reinforce the silicone mat. However, it is best not to damage the silicone mat when using it, otherwise the product will be easily unusable.
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