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Teflon anti-static tape is resistant to high voltage, corrosion, non-sticking, abrasion resistance, long service life, etc. Its excellent performance makes it widely used and demanding.

Some environments generate static electricity. For example, friction between devices can cause static electricity. When the hand is close, static electricity can be felt to hit the skin. If the air is too dry, static electricity will also be generated. Workers' clothing will rub. Static electricity can also be generated by contact.
These static electricity are very harmful to some instruments or equipment that are particularly sensitive or extremely precise, and some will break down and be damaged by static electricity. Is there a good way to eliminate or remove these harmful static electricity?

Demand is the biggest driving force for technological innovation! In our many years of production practice, after many technical improvements and raw material replacement, we have developed Teflon antistatic tape, Teflon antistatic tape and Teflon conductive tape with good quality in the industry. We strictly control the raw materials, select imported, PTFE emulsion containing conductive substrate, increase the emulsion concentration, after 5 drying, impregnating the roller, and finally the finished high-quality Teflon antistatic tape.
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