Silicone silicone mat household use method, sliding adhesive treatment

The silicone mat is sticky during use. It can be wetted and used before use. This method can reduce the stickiness that we have during use, and the quality and usage are very long. Generally, it can be used for 5 hours or even more in one use, but the silicone mat can not be used as a silicone baking mat and a silicone steamer mat. Each product is different for different uses. The silicone mat is at a high temperature. It cannot be used in the state to avoid damage to the mat.

There are many reasons why silicone mats are always running. The first one is the problem of product materials. If it is a good product with strong adsorption, as long as we put the product on the table, it will not move. The poor quality of the silicone mat has a poor adsorption force, which is prone to sloshing and stickiness. The second reason may be that the unevenness of the table we placed will cause the product to shake, so we use Before using the product, choose a flat desktop to use, which can prevent the silicone pad from swaying.
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