The feature about PTFE / Teflon-coated glass fiber cloth

PTFE / Teflon-coated glass fiber cloth is glass fiber woven materials, knitted fabric or a special flat woven glass fiber fabric is superior, coated with fine PTFE resin.

The PTFE Teflon Fabric Features:

1. Good temperature resistance, temperature 24 degrees Celsius -140~360.

2. The non-stick, easy-to-suface clear adhesive.

3. Good chemical resistance: it can almostly resistant to most chemicals, acids, bases, salts; fireproof, low aging.

4. dimensional stability, high strength, elongation coefficient less than 5 ‰

The PTFE Teflon fabric applications:

1. used as a lining VARIOS resist high temperatures, such as microwave liner, through liner, or other liners.

2. used as a stick lining the middle.

3. For a variety of conveyor belt, fusion band, sealing tape or any desired temperature, non-stick, chemical resistance and the like.
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