PTFE Non-stick BBQ Liner made-in-china


BBQ grill mats made from durable PTFE coated fiberglass fabric. Grilling mats leave attractive grill marks on food minus the burnt taste. Great as a hot dog toaster or as an alternative to a vegetable grill basket

BBQ Avoid burnt meat on your barbecue and grill countless healthy meals of meat fish or vegetables with these reusable grill grates mats, an economical and smart cooking accessory for a number of healthy grilled meals to come

HEAVY DUTY AND HEAT RESISTANT - Measures 15.75 x 13 inches and 0.2 mm thick, each made to withstand extreme temperature of up to 500°F and can be used on any electric, charcoal or portable gas grill and with your propane smoker (be sure to use the mats with grill grates and not expose directly to flame)

MULTIPURPOSE FOR OVEN OR BAKING SHEET - These versatile grill mats not only act as protective mat for your griller, they also double as large or small cookie sheet liners for your bottom oven rack to accommodate home cooked meals and baking treats

DISHWASHER SAFE FOR EASY CLEANUP - We believe the best reusable bbq grill mats are easy to clean, and ours are no different: Wipe to clean or place in the dishwasher to eliminate messy grill cleanup
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