PTFE Oven Liner


KEEP THE OVEN CLEAN: Made of non-stick fiberglass, washable oven liners catch drips and spills to eliminate stuck on mess and wipe effortlessly, so you don’t have to take time to clean your oven floor.

EASY TO FIT & DURABILITY: Includes 2 Large Teflon Liners sized 13" x 16.25", heavy duty professional grade but can be cut to size easily with household scissors; it can handle temperatures up to 500°F.

ECO-FRIENDLY : Made from high quality reusable PTFE-coated fiberglass fabric that can be used over and over again. BPA and PFOA free, reusable liners reduce waste and protect your kitchen appliance with no toxic chemical.

VERSATILE FOR ALL OVEN: can be used as an oven or pan liner, baking/cooking sheet or mat; also suit for convection, electric, gas, microwave
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