Ptfe Non-stick Reusable BBq Grill Mat/Liner


BEST GIFT FOR DAD – This is the good stuff! Heavy duty fabric material is built to last, yet thin enough to produce the mouth-watering grill marks you expect on meat, fish and vegetables without food drying out.

BARBECUE TOOLS – You'll never need to scrape food residue off your grill again. No more drippings to gunk up your grill!

WORKS ON ANY TYPE OF GRILL – Gas, propane, charcoal, electric, smoker; Weber, Coleman, Char-Broil, Traeger, others. Easily trim to fit any shape

EASY TO CLEAN – Wipe clean with soap and water; dishwasher safe; FDA-certified materials

MULTI-PURPOSE – The bonus baking mat is thinner than the grill mats. It’s the ideal thickness for cookies, pizza, breads, even crafting
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